About Me

Born and raised in a suburb just outside of Buffalo, New York, I now live just a few miles away from my childhood home with a little family of my own. Married to my high school sweetheart, we have two of the best little girls any one could ever ask for. Because of them, I am a better person. 

How did I become a photographer?! From a very young age, I annoyed my family with a camera.... Literally taking thousands of photos on the little digital camera my mom gave me for Christmas one year. That somersaulted into becoming a second shooter for a local wedding photographer when I was in high school. Once I turned 18, I opened my own business and, have been at it ever since!

I began as a wedding photographer, shooting strictly weddings. It wasn't until I had my first daughter, that I truly fell in love with photographing children. I think my love for capturing the pureness and real moments of childhood, pushed me to become a better wedding photographer. I'm not after that photo that will give me the most likes, or followers. I want to capture my clients.

​ The perfectly, imperfect shots are my absolute favorite.